Our Approach: Recovery-Oriented System of Care

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at Sana Lake Behavioral Wellness Center is based on the proven, evidence-based, recovery-oriented system of care approach to addiction treatment.


Personalized Treatment and Recovery Plans

Sana Lake is a ‘member first’ culture, beginning with comprehensive personalized treatment plans that honor the unique, complex needs of our members. As a member, you are encouraged to have full input when developing your treatment and discharge plans. You will always have opportunities to give feedback and share ideas about overall programming. Offering an environment of welcoming community, our goal is that you feel valued, respected, and understood.

Our comprehensive recovery services are rarely found in one place in treatment and recovery centers. With various modalities incorporated into your treatment, we cover all the bases in whole-person addiction treatment, including medically-monitored inpatient detox, psychiatric consults, co-occurring disorder treatment (individual and group therapy), trauma therapy (including EMDR), pharmacotherapy and medication management, naturopathic and holistic treatment, nutritional planning, spiritual mentoring, alumni participation, and family programming. 

Recovery is non-linear and your recovery needs are unique to you. We encourage you to move through any points on our continuum of our recovery-oriented system of care as needed to help you achieve Recovery for Life.


Let Our Supportive Staff Give You Answers.

Whether seeking help for yourself, a loved one, or one of your patients, our dedicated staff is available around the clock to provide you with as much information on our programs as you might need!