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Substance use disorder and mental health treatment that connects you with what you truly need for sustainable, long-term recovery from addiction. No more isolation, hopelessness or short-term solutions. It’s your time to Recover For Life.

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Behavioral Wellness Treatment in Missouri

Addiction is a highly treatable chronic illness. With the right resources and compassionate, respectful healthcare, you can recover.

Sana Lake Behavioral Wellness Center is based in Missouri, with locations in Maryland Heights, Missouri, and Kansas City Missouri. Utilizing a recovery-oriented system of care, we meet you where you are and create a personalized recovery plan that encourages a full, rich journey into long-term recovery for you and your family.

Our personalized continuum of services touches all points on the spectrum throughout recovery, offering you renewed personal hope, family healing, and reconnection within your community. From the time you come to us and for the rest of your lifelong recovery journey, you are an important, welcome member of our community – a Member for Life!

Compassionate, evidence-based programs, therapies and services are available in all our facilities’ supportive, world-class environments:

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Supportive Recovery Housing

Substance-free housing is scientifically linked to long-term recovery success. Sharing space and creating community with like-minded people is transformational. Recovery touches every aspect of life, from where you live to the people with whom you spend time. Our one-year residential program offers comfortable, safe, substance-free housing while you establish a solid foundation for living in your new life of recovery.

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