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Our partial hospitalization program (PHP) offers a balanced level of assistance if you are experiencing a mental illness or co-occurring disorders. You will have the reassurance of staying in your own home in the evening and access to necessary medical assistance during the day as part of your recovery process.

In a partial hospitalization program (PHP), you will benefit from intermediate structure and supervision as you regain your serenity and add new skills that support your recovery. 

Treatment for Your Individual Journey

Not every person’s recovery journey is the same. You may be ready for partial hospitalization right away, or you might benefit from a supportive medical detox first. We always complete a thorough assessment that will help you understand what steps you want to take first. To protect your health and safety, we recommend that detox takes place under the care and supervision of a compassionate medical professional, like our staff at Sana Lake. You do not have to do it alone or on your own. You will benefit from pharmacological support as well as psycho-social therapy in a safe environment. 

The length of your stay in the PHP program will depend on your needs and your recovery goals as well. You might use this type of care from 15-45 days. While you are here, you will benefit from our consistent, compassionate care in an intensive setting. If you are assessed and do not need to go through medical detox, you may be admitted directly to PHP.

PHP Services That Address Your Needs

With our recovery-oriented system of care, you will get individualized support for your recovery needs from staff that know how to meet you where you are at. In partial hospitalization, the increased supervision of PHP will help you with accountability, feeling safe, and benefiting from genuine care. You will attend both individual and group therapy and receive 5-6 hours of recovery services every day, building a strong foundation for lasting recovery.  Apply Today


You are ready to take the first step towards recovery for life. 

If you do not need detox or round-the-clock supervision, you might start your recovery journey with our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). IOP supports long term recovery by helping you incorporate valuable self-care tools, group therapy, and a customized program into your daily life while not requiring a stay in residential treatment. You will get healthy and prepare for the next phase of your recovery. 

IOP as a Part of the Recovery Process

Some people begin in IOP and others use it as a stepping stone to other recovery care. After a confidential medical and clinical assessment by understanding staff, you will learn more about what your needs are and make plans based on how you envision your recovery. To move forward with IOP, you will be in a place where you do not need detoxification support or extra supervision. In this type of treatment, our knowledgeable staff will support you through the acute, initial stage of recovery. After that, intensive outpatient treatment might be recommended as your next step.

Intensive outpatient treatment addresses a variety of different issues, such as addiction, depression, eating disorders, and other behavioral health issues. For IOP, the length of your stay for treatment depends on how much care and what kind of treatment you need. For the best outcome, you will be involved in treatment programs for 8-10 hours a week in separate, three-hour blocks. With our IOP program, you will stay at home or in our recovery residences and perform your day-to-day tasks while still growing your recovery in a safe, sober, supportive environment.


General outpatient treatment is a wonderful way to nurture your recovery while continuing all your daily routines and responsibilities, staying in your own home, and remaining active in your recovery community. If you need help but are not struggling with an overwhelming behavioral health issue that endangers you, the general outpatient program at Sana Lake BWC is designed for you. When you are in this tier of care, you will live at home or in our recovery residences while receiving holistic, medically effective care at Sana Lake. Your needs and recovery goals are central to your unique care plan staff that understands your individual journey.

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Supportive recovery housing helps you build on the valuable foundation of recovery you are working so hard to create. Sana Lake is a stable home when you need more time to focus on yourself in a supportive environment, and benefit from being in close proximity to our services. Recovery housing is a wonderful solution when you feel lost or uncertain about your future.rnrnAt Sana Lake BWC, you do not need to worry about what is next. You will give yourself the time you need before transitioning back into the regular routine of everyday life. You deserve to feel safe and respected throughout your recovery journey. Housing is available after you have completed a residential treatment program, so you will have more time before you go back to your regular routine.

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