Inpatient Mental Health Addiction Treatment Centers in Missouri

At Sana Lake Behavioral Wellness Center we create a safe and supportive environment with you in mind. We specialize in mental health recovery and substance use disorder treatment. We pride ourselves as one of the best residential treatment centers in Missouri. Mental health disorders and drug addiction can add unnecessary difficulty to a person’s life. If left untreated, a mental health disorder can start to take a toll on a person. 

It’s important to get comprehensive treatment from those who truly care about your recovery. Our passionate and trusted staff at Sana Lake BWC will be by your side every step of the journey. We understand how crippling some mental health disorders can be to a person. No matter what you may be going through, it is never too late to reach out for help. 

Every year millions of people suffer from some kind of mental illness. Unfortunately, some people might not know they have a disorder. In other cases, people might be dealing with co-occurring disorders as well. Co-occurring disorders require intensive care and inpatient treatment is recommended for this. Let Sana lake BWC help you towards a better life today.

What is Inpatient Treatment?

Inpatient treatment (also known as residential treatment) is a widely used method for treating substance abuse and mental health disorders. In more severe cases of mental health disorders, having access to trusted therapists and counselors can make a huge difference. Sometimes we don’t account for certain feelings or emotions we may come across when recovering, especially when drugs are involved. 

Inpatient treatment allows a person to stay in one of our trusted and comfortable facilities. Here you will be among professional staff who are ready to help with all your needs. Sana Lake BWC is one of the best residential treatment centers in Missouri. When recovering and coping with mental disorders or drugs, it’s important to be in a clean and non-judgemental environment. This is crucial for long-term recovery and a healthy mind in the future. 

Inpatient treatment involves a number of different features and options, each specialized for the person. Therapy is a treatment option used for almost every single case of mental health treatment. Treatment typically consists of a number of these in a personalized schedule for the person. Mental illnesses need to be treated with care and patience throughout the process.

During inpatient treatment, a person has access to all of these and more. It’s important to know that inpatient treatment is not just a permanent living situation. However, it provides a safe and supportive environment for the person to recover effectively. In some situations, a person that has a history of relapsing or lives in a toxic household may want to consider inpatient treatment. 

Therapy Options Available During Treatment

Therapy is predominately used to treat cases of mental health disorders. It’s important to open up about your personal struggles with counselors and therapists that are there to help. During your recovery process, you will be attending several different therapy sessions. Each helps target specific areas while helping you learn skills on how to cope with life’s struggles. Some of the therapy options we include during inpatient treatment include:

What to Expect During Inpatient Treatment

It can be overwhelming entering a new location and a brand new life (at least for the time being). This is why it’s helpful to know what to expect during the entire process. While it may be hard to adapt at first our wonderful Sana Lake staff will be there by your side the whole way through. There are a few steps and options that you will follow throughout the process. The goal is to break free from any drug addiction you may be struggling with while tackling any mental health disorders as well. 

Detoxification for Drug Addiction and Dependency

There is oftentimes a connection between drug use and mental health disorders. This is what is referred to as a dual diagnosis (or co-occurring disorders). With this in mind, it’s important to take care of the physical symptoms of drugs on your body before proceeding, this is where detox comes in. Detoxification is a process that gets rid of all substances in a person’s body. 

When someone stops taking drugs abruptly, their body typically reacts with withdrawal symptoms. These can be intense and sometimes even life-threatening. This is why it’s important to have medical professionals supervise the process to ensure safety and effectiveness. During the process, the person is given medicine to help some of the intense symptoms of drug withdrawal. 

After detox, a person moves on to more personalized treatment options like therapy and support groups. Before a person can get help for a mental health disorder, any drug addiction should be addressed before treatment begins. This way both conditions can be treated. Detox is an important part of every single drug addiction treatment. 

Medically-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Medically assisted treatment (or MAT) comes to play when medication is used in combination with therapy and counseling. MAT uses medication to treat certain symptoms of mental health disorders and drug withdrawals. This can be very beneficial when dealing with multiple disorders at the same time (co-occurring disorders or co-morbidity). Medication is given safely and carefully during the process of recovery. Medication frees a person from some of the uncomfortable physical symptoms of their conditions while they focus on therapy and recovery.

Group and Individual Therapy

Mental health conditions can appear because of several different reasons and factors. They can be hard to confront and talk about sometimes. With this in mind, it is important to get treatment help as well. At Sana Lake, we have an experienced and passionate staff of therapists and clinicians that are ready to help. Group and individual therapy are two types of treatment that are predominately used to treat both drug addictions and mental health disorders. 

Both individual and group therapy can be extremely beneficial for a person in recovery. While they may be opposites of each other, they are both very therapeutic and effective. Individual therapy has a person speaking one-on-one with a therapist about their situation. It is in an intimate setting and allows complete transparency. It’s a safe haven to talk about your emotions, memories, feelings, and anything else. During this process, you can build a bond with a trusted therapist while resolving your feelings and emotions in a safe environment. 

Group therapy on the other hand, as the name suggests, is therapy with a group of people in the same situation. This is a technique that has been used for years as an effective way to treat different kinds of addiction. Group therapy gives you the option to open up about your feelings and struggles with others. Additionally, you are able to hear other people’s stories and struggles. 

It can be a lonely road struggling with a mental illness and an addiction. So knowing you aren’t alone can give the person a positive outlook on life and recovery. Group therapy and individual therapy both give a person an open environment to reflect on their mental illness and their feelings. At Sana Lake BWC, we pride ourselves as one of the finest residential treatment centers in Missouri.

Dual Diagnosis (Co-Occurring Disorders)

A Dual diagnosis (also known as co-occurring disorders) happens when someone is suffering from both a mental health disorder and an addiction. In other cases, a person may be dealing with two separate mental health disorders (or co-morbidity). These cases are typically very intense and require comprehensive treatment. In cases of drug addiction and mental health disorders, these two conditions can begin to feed off each other. As a person falls deeper into an addiction, their pre-existing mental illness begins to worsen. 

Due to its severity, it’s important for a person to get treatment for both mental health disorders, or their addiction. These are treated separately with care and patience. At Sana Lake BWC, we make sure to address your concerns and needs for both conditions. It may seem like an overwhelming process but with our wonderful staff by your side, it can be smooth and achievable. Inpatient treatment is the recommended type of treatment for cases of co-occurring disorders. We treat a wide range of different mental health disorders including:

Holistic Options

At Sana Lake BWC we also implement holistic and alternative treatment methods into your recovery. During inpatient treatment, a person has access to a number of relaxing techniques and therapies. While holistic treatment options may not work for everyone, it can have many benefits when combating addiction and long-term relapse prevention. Sana Lake BWC offers some of the following holistic methods:


Sana Lake BWC also offers psychiatry services for you and your loved ones. Psychiatrists are medical doctors that specialize in both mental health and substance use cases. They are able to provide a number of benefits that can improve your mental health and personal life. This personalized and comprehensive method of treatment can be very beneficial for people dealing with co-occurring disorders or mental illnesses in general. 

Let Sana Lake BWC Help you Today

Sana Lake Behavioral Wellness Center is one of the most trusted inpatient mental health facilities in Missouri. We make sure you are taken care of from the start of your journey to the end. We offer comprehensive treatment for you and your family. Let us help you towards a better future with a healthier mind. Contact us today to learn more about our treatment options and mental health resources.