Outpatient Treatment

Are you struggling with substance use or a mental health issue?

Are you worried about a loved one or family member? You will get the support you need in our outpatient treatment program. Here, you will recover with therapeutic support and accountability in a structured environment.

As a Sana Lake BWC member, you will build your recovery in a residential program (inpatient) and a non-residential program (outpatient). Both programs are designed to help you achieve long-lasting, sustainable recovery.

Treatment That Works for You

Behavioral health is a complex, individual journey. Sana Lake BWC is not “one size fits all.” It is one size fits you. The length of treatment is different for everyone. you will get a personalized plan put together based on your needs and your vision for wellness. In your outpatient treatment program, you will live at home and maintain your daily routines, like going to work and caring for yourself and your family. you will come to our beautiful, serene facility to receive treatment and guided recovery services; then, you return home at the end of the day.

While both inpatient and outpatient care at Sana Lake BWC are highly effective, we encourage you to consider certain factors when choosing which type of treatment would be best. Your needs should come first. Do you need help with detox? Additional therapy or medication assistance? Does your family need support, too? Our compassionate staff will help assess your needs and support you as you make this important decision.

Before beginning your outpatient program, you will need detox treatment, for your health and safety. This prepares you for the next step in your recovery. Every element of
detox at Sana Lake BWC is guided by caring and knowledgeable staff. You never have to do it alone—we are here to help.

Recovery-oriented systems of care are your link to community, recovery support, and Recovery for Life. In addition to working with medical professionals and mental health counselors, you will also have access to a Peer Support Specialist who is certified by the state of Missouri. This person will help you find connections both within peer support groups and within the recovery community. you will benefit from one-on-one peer guidance when it comes to navigating treatment. Best of all, peer support helps give you a sense of belonging as well as motivation to continue treatment.

Our Team is Ready to Help!

At Sana Lake Behavioral Wellness Center, our qualified recovery professionals perform an in-person diagnostic test in order to help you choose the best option for you and your recovery. Not everyone needs the same types of support. You will not get stuck in “cookie-cutter” recovery programs. Instead, you will work with providers who listen carefully to you to ensure you get the care you need to thrive. That is what a recovery-oriented system of care is all about: connections, hope, and mutual support.

Recovery-oriented systems of care are your link to community, recovery support, and Recovery for Life. In addition to working with medical professionals and mental health counselors, you will also have access to a Peer Support Specialist who is certified by the state of Missouri. This person will help you find connections both within peer support groups and within the recovery community. you will benefit from one-on-one peer guidance when it comes to navigating treatment. Best of all, peer support helps give you a sense of belonging as well as motivation to continue treatment.

What Is A Residential Treatment Program?

Residential treatment programs at Sana Lake BWC are a structured, safe, and sober environment where you will heal. You will relax on our serene campus, away from stressful situations, people, and responsibilities. Taking a break from issues that may trigger a recurrence of use will help you gather yourself and finally get a break. If you need additional relief, our inpatient programs are a safe space to recover.

In residential treatment, you will voluntarily choose the place you would like to stay. You will connect to intensive care and 24/7 support during the early, acute stages of recovery. If you do not feel you will live at home during treatment, the residential program is ideal for you. Many of our members tried to tackle recovery alone before reaching out for help. You will use residential treatment to fill in the gaps, strengthen your weaknesses, and let others support you as you get healthy again. At last, you are not alone—and you do not have to do it all by yourself.

Sana Lake BWC connects you to highly intensive, specialized care when you are ready for supervised medical assistance. When you are tired of spinning your wheels, our residential program will be a safe haven where you will rest, relax, and begin your journey of Recovery for Life.

What Is Outpatient Treatment?

Outpatient programs at Sana Lake BWC have lots of flexibility so you will maintain your regular commitment to work, education, and other family responsibilities while still making recovery a priority. Although there are similarities between the outpatient program and residential treatment, each program has a differently structured environment.

If you are participating in our outpatient program, you will return home every day after receiving treatment. You will also continue your normal routines. This freedom of movement gives you a greater level of anonymity and privacy as you work on your recovery.

Some people feel embarrassed by their mental health issues or do not want others to worry about them. If you take part in our outpatient program, you do not have to explain your prolonged absence to colleagues, family, and friends unless you want to.

Moving Toward Recovery at Your Pace

Since everyone’s recovery pathway is different, you will take steps toward your new life at your own pace. Outpatient treatment gives you more agency and self-directed accountability, such as abstaining from substances. Meaningful change takes time, but you do not have to do it alone. To get the benefits of treatment, you need to be willing to stick to the guidelines you create with our experienced staff.

Long term recovery grows from a great deal of diligence, self-discipline, and commitment—plus support from people who understand what you are going through. To aid you on the path to success, you will develop a comprehensive outpatient treatment plan with our counselors. You will incorporate every aspect of your life into your care plan to help you stay healthy and well. You will also access a strong support network for you and connect with a community of other people in recovery. Recover for Life with peer support groups, family counseling, and individual counseling, sponsors, and non-using peers. You will get motivation and new insights into your own recovery. Social change is just as important as the internal transformation you experience as you walk toward a Recovery for Life.

Providing Helpful Resources to Each Member

Sana Lake BWC shares positive, encouraging resources with you through our outpatient treatment program. Changing your lifestyle as well as your thinking takes time, encouragement, and goal setting. That is why an inclusive view of recovery, with resources that will improve every aspect of your life, is so important. One day at a time, you will not only learn how to be successful in recovery but also learn how to not let past triggers influence your life in a negative way. You can experience true freedom from the unhealthy cycles of the past.

Why Is Outpatient Treatment Beneficial?

Usually, outpatient treatment is more beneficial if you do not struggle with major substance use, severe mental health issues, or a high risk of recurrence of use. When you are healthy and stable, you will get the most from our other recovery resources.

You will thrive in outpatient treatment as you practice the skills that sustain your Recovery for Life. Outpatient is a type of support system that works well if you have responsibilities and commitments that conflict with inpatient residential treatment. You might feel more comfortable when you keep up your regular routines, such as your job, family responsibilities, childcare, and educational commitments. Outpatient helps make recovery care a part of your daily life—part of the healthy person you are becoming.

If substances and stress are making life at home difficult, we may recommend inpatient treatment instead, so you will take a break from a triggering situation. In a positive environment, it is much easier to refrain from using substances and feel supported in your recovery. You will receive treatment that makes the most sense for your needs and focuses on comfort, comprehensive care, respect, dignity, and compassion.

When you choose outpatient treatment at Sana Lake BWC, you are choosing to:

  • Continue your everyday routine
  • Continue with your job, education, and any outside responsibilities
  • Commit to a less demanding schedule
  • Stay in the family environment

Why Should You Choose Outpatient Treatment?

Getting better is your priority. Your recovery is ours.

In outpatient treatment, you will thrive at the lowest level of supervision and will take ownership of their recovery. In outpatient, you are ready to be a leader in your own care plan and will integrate the different parts of your life as you heal. You will choose the therapy or treatment schedule that suits you best and do not need to take an extended break from your everyday responsibilities.

Sana Lake BWC is a treatment program with flexibility. When it comes to seeking a balance between the treatment and fulfilling personal and professional responsibilities, you need options. Typical outpatient treatment consists of 2-3-hour long sessions every day, over a period of 6 months.

During this vital, valuable time, you will meet with therapists and counselors who will help you get to the heart of the negative cycle of substance use disorder. You will unpack the motives, trauma, and triggers that kept you stuck. Most importantly, you will take strides toward life long recovery by finally giving yourself time to heal and rebuild. Recovery means letting go of the pains of the past while honoring how those experiences have shaped you. When you enter recovery, you decide who you want to be. You are not defined by your illness. You are not defined by your past. You can move forward at last.

More About Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment is a supportive and nurturing group therapy option for you. Individual therapy is also available. You might prefer one-on-one meetings with your counselor so you will discuss individual issues. Extra privacy helps you work out issues that you might not feel comfortable sharing in a group setting.

In addition to the personal independence associated with outpatient treatment, the difference in cost is also significant. Outpatient treatment is typically much less expensive than residential treatment because housing is not part of the program. Your family will also be included, as part of your additional at-home care and attention. This way, every aspect of your life reorients to support your recovery in a way that is comparable to an inpatient program. you will resonate with our recovery-oriented system of care, which helps bring together the different parts of your life into one strong recovery foundation you can rely on.

Outpatient Treatment at Sana Lake Behavioral Wellness Center

What matters most? Your recovery. At Sana Lake BWC, you will walk through your recovery journey with help from our team of certified, compassionate medical providers and counselors and cutting-edge, evidence-based & scientifically supported treatment modalities.

You will find a connection to life-changing counseling, psychoactive therapies, and medication during outpatient procedures at Sana Lake. Your recovery comes out of a deep, meaningful change in your behaviors and beliefs. You will love the benefits of our outpatient treatment program, from diversity and flexibility of treatment to cost-effectiveness. The whole behavioral wellness treatment system is overseen by knowledgeable doctors, who make sure that you receive superior care and the required level of supervision during the treatment.

Still unsure which treatment option is best for you? Consult a recovery expert at our recovery center. Today is your day to recover. Do not wait to get help—we are here for you, 24/7. You will find peace and hope today at Sana Lake. Learn more about how we will help you take the first step in a lifelong journey of wellness. You are one call away from Recovery for Life and the balanced, meaningful, healthy life you deserve.


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