Intensive Outpatient Program at Sana Lake

You Are Ready to Take the First Step Towards Recovery for Life

Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) supports long-term recovery by helping you incorporate valuable self-care tools, group therapy, and a customized program into your daily life. During this program, you will learn new skills and join an empowering recovery community and support staff. This is an investment in long term recovery.

How do you know you are ready for intensive outpatient care? After a confidential medical and clinical assessment by understanding staff, you will be ready for care that does not include detox support or extra supervision. Here you will find balance with the help of our knowledgeable staff through the acute, initial stage of recovery.

In IOP, you will address a variety of different issues like addiction, depression, eating disorders, and other behavioral health issues. For IOP, the length of stay for treatment is different for everyone. For the best outcome, we recommend using this kind of treatment for 8-10 hours a week in separate, 3-hour blocks. Our IOP program means that you will stay at home and perform your day-to-day tasks while still growing your recovery in a safe, sober, supportive environment.

What Makes Our Intensive Outpatient Program Unique?

At , you will participate in a high-quality, compassionate, responsive intensive outpatient program. you will collaborate with a team of trained recovery professionals, who will help guide every aspect of your recovery journey both during and after treatment. No more struggling alone—we have you covered.

During intensive outpatient treatment, you will benefit from the support, direction, and camaraderie our member care specialists will give you in a safe environment. Every one of our peer support specialists are certified by the state of Missouri; they cheer you on with guidance, support, hope, and a sense of belonging. you will also connect with other people in the recovery community who will continue supporting you after you complete treatment.

With You, During and After Treatment

After treatment, you will be prepared to resume a smooth and seamless lifestyle with your community and family. Sana Lake BWC is your safe haven when you are seeking to heal from mental and behavioral health issues and take steps toward lifelong recovery.

Sana Lake BWC is not “one size fits all.” It is one size fits you. you will create your own treatment plan with the help of our supportive, trained staff. you will be linked to a caring clinical team and recovery support system that not only manages risk of recurrence of use but also helps you learn coping strategies that support your Recovery for Life.

Individualized IOP

At Sana Lake, our intensive outpatient programs are designed specifically with your needs and vision for recovery in mind. No two programs are the same because no two people are the same. It is all about you! After your intake assessment, you will work with our therapists and counselors to put together a treatment plan with your recovery goals in mind.

Your daily routine and schedule will be handled by our compassionate and responsive team. That way, you will keep up with your responsibilities and regular tasks while still making your recovery a priority. In IOP, you will identify your short-term and intermediate recovery goals in a low-stress environment. You have time to heal and prepare to cope with life in a new, healthy way.

Intensive outpatient treatment helps you successfully identify the causes and conditions of your mental and behavioral issues. During treatment, you will collaborate with a focused, individual-based support team to get relief from trauma, triggers, and unhealthy or negative cycles. You will experience real freedom and peace of mind at last.

Why Should I Choose Intensive Outpatient Treatment?

If you have too many daily responsibilities and commitments, you might feel like you simply will not take days or even weeks away to enter an inpatient treatment program.

Just because you do not have the ability to enter a residential treatment program does not mean that you should not get the help that you need. An intensive outpatient program with a specialized care plan will play a critical role in helping you overcome addiction.

Offering the Level of Care You Need

Many live-in treatments, like inpatient or residential intensive care, will be your solution to the struggle of addiction. If you are suffering, IOP helps you with a high level of care while also keeping you away from any temptations. You also get a break from people who might play a role in your substance misuse or people who regularly sabotage all of your recovery efforts.

You will do what is right for you. Treatment should support your recovery needs and help you make recovery part of your life while you integrate your new tools and mindset into your everyday routine. Whatever you envision, you will achieve the life that you deserve. you will always have transparency into your treatment and care plan, never leaving you or your family in the dark. Every Sana Lake program is centered on you.

What To Expect From an Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program

Everyone’s recovery journey is different. While you work on getting healthy and finding your balance, you will enjoy a custom-designed recovery program. Your schedule and treatment modalities will be unique to your needs in our IOP. you will collaborate with our wonderful, understanding therapists to design an individualized treatment plan. These plans are generally 8-10 hours of individual and group therapy. you will meet with a compassionate and responsive care team of therapists, doctors, peer recovery support specialists, and other members for 2-3 days every week.

During treatment, you get to learn new skills, take safe risks, and try out the many therapeutic tools we share on our stunning, state-of-the-art campus. If you are not able to meet in person, we have an accessible online program that sustains your recovery goals, just like our in-person treatment and services. you will benefit from our programs, which go above and beyond the standard outpatient program requirements as well as exceeding the requirements put in place by SAMHSA.

What Programs Are Associated with Intensive Outpatient Treatment?

You will have access to several different types of therapy in our diverse and nurturing intensive outpatient program at Sana Lake. Therapy is one of the best ways for you to overcome an addiction or other behavioral health issue, without having to rely on drugs or medication.

Therapy allows you to talk openly about the issues that trigger negative cycles of behavior. you will also learn ways to live your life without the painful triggers, traumatic responses, and harmful substances that are making you sick. Freedom is possible with compassionate support and guidance from knowledgeable, friendly staff.

The Sana Lake BWC IOP program incorporates the following options:

What are Complementary Therapies?

In addition to individual and group therapy, you will access additional types of therapy that complement, or build on the benefits of both of those types of therapy. These therapies are designed to promote nonverbal ways of healing. They not only make you feel better—they change the way you see yourself and interact with the world, too. Some of the complementary therapies that we offer are:

  • Adventure therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Equine-assisted therapy
  • Music therapy

What is Group Therapy?

Addiction is a lonely disease. Learning to be in a group again and letting other people support you is a powerful tool for growth. Group therapy is an important aspect of our intensive outpatient program. You will find a solid foundation for your recovery in group therapy. Group therapy has been proven to be effective in a variety of ways:

  • It allows you to enhance your communication skills
  • It helps you form new relationships
  • It creates a space for you to share your feelings and experiences with other members who have had similar experiences
  • It reinforces healthy ways of interaction
  • It gives you a safe space to talk
  • It allows therapists and group leaders to guide you and teach important skills
  • It helps you recognize positive recovery behaviors
  • It allows you to practice new methods to deal with addiction

What is Individual Therapy?

While group therapy is a big part of our intensive outpatient treatment program, there is a time to talk in private, too. You might feel supported and safe addressing some things in a one-on-one setting with a trusted therapist. Individual therapy is a great environment to share things about yourself and your situation that you might not feel comfortable talking about in a group setting.

In IOP, you will use individual therapy in addition to group therapy. Your individual therapist will encourage you as you work on your recovery, help you remain persistent on tough days, and abstain from substance use.

Are You Interested in an Intensive Outpatient Program?

No matter what your needs are, you will get the treatment you need on your journey to recovery. When you contact us, you will speak with responsive, understanding staff to discuss your individual needs. We want to be part of your recovery story. Contact us to learn more about how we will help you or a loved one today.

What is a Support Group?

Therapy is not just something that happens behind closed doors. Working through problems together and learning how others solve their issues is a vital part of the recovery process. Groups give you a valuable opportunity to connect and communicate with like-minded people in recovery.

In our clinician-guided support groups, you will share your experiences and get support through the entire process of treatment. you will make lifelong friends in their groups, meeting people who speak your recovery language and care about the same issues.


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