Partial Hospitalization Program

Addiction: a Complex and Overwhelming Mental Health Disorder

Addiction is complex and will feel overwhelming if you experience co-occurring behavioral health disorders. If you need a helping hand, partial hospitalization at Sana Lake BWC will help you find your balance. do not undermine your hard work by letting other areas of your mental health slide. You will benefit from a partial hospitalization program (PHP) when you need an intermediate level of structure and supervision. Regain your serenity and add new skills that support your Recovery for Life.

The Sana Lake Partial Hospitalization Program offers an intermediate structure and guided recovery services. With our recovery-oriented system of care, you will receive recovery support for any level of treatment you need. In partial hospitalization, the increased supervision of PHP will help you with accountability, feeling safe, and benefiting from genuine care. You will attend both individual and group therapy and receive 5-6 hours of recovery services every day—building a strong foundation for future success.


Addressing Differences: Providing Healing for Everyone

Not every person’s recovery journey is the same. You may be ready for partial hospitalization right away, or you might benefit from a supportive medical detox first. After a thorough assessment, you will decide what steps you want to take first. To protect your health and safety, you will detox under the care and supervision of a compassionate medical professional, like our staff at Sana Lake. You do not have to do it alone or on your own. The length of your stay in the PHP program will depend on your needs and your recovery goals as well. You might use this type of care from 15-20 days. While you are here, you will benefit from our consistent, compassionate care in an intensive setting.

Partial Hospitalization Program at Sana Lake

At Sana Lake, you will work with our team of psychiatrists and experienced clinicians to create a treatment plan that will best fit your needs. Your pathway to wellness is honored through a recovery-oriented system of care that centers your vision of recovery. In our PHP program, you will get the benefits of thorough, supportive care from a full team of licensed professionals for mental health issues.

In addition to our medical staff, you also work with a substance use counselor, who will help you get started in your program. Counselors are a vital part of your recovery support team, giving you one-on-one support, staying on track in your program, and learning more about preventing recurrence of use, trigger identification, and emotional response stabilization. These tools help keep you mentally healthy in every situation, and make it easier to maintain your wellness beyond treatment.

You will also have access to a Community Support Specialist, who will help you with a post-treatment transition plan and connect you with a warm, welcoming community of recovering people and wellness resources. You will be able to lean on our staff as you navigate issues related to your recovery so you will get healthy and enjoy life again.

You will get the most of our PHP Program if:

  • Are ready to address substance-related needs, behavioral health needs, and/or mental health issues that do not need 24/7 inpatient care or intensive care treatment
  • Completed residential and inpatient treatment for substance use or mental or behavioral health disorders
  • Desire more structured support during your transition to an independent lifestyle

To support you with our recovery-oriented system of care, you will work directly with our compassionate, knowledgeable team of experts. Together, you will figure out the level of care that will best support your recovery goals. To get the full therapeutic benefits of the Sana Lake BWC Partial Hospitalization Program, you must be stable in your recovery and not have any psychological or physical requirements that need round-the-clock medical assistance.

A Safe Place at Sana Lake

Home is where you are healthiest.

If you are participating in our partial hospitalization program, you go home after your daily treatment commitments. Housing arrangements are not part of PHP, but if you need a safe, stable place to stay while you get healthy again, you will benefit from our inpatient option. you will collaborate with our team of compassionate specialists to develop a person-first recovery plan.

Our recovery support always centers your goals, needs, and strengths as you are going through treatment. Before beginning PHP, you receive a personalized assessment from one of our wonderful, caring doctors at Sana Lake BWC. Next, you work with your personal team of support staff to create a treatment plan based on the doctors’ evaluation, your medical history, and other important details gathered during your inpatient program.

Treatment Services Offered in
Partial Hospitalization Programs

Depending on your treatment needs, you may benefit from some of these recovery services offered at Sana Lake BWC:

The relationship between you and your therapist will be life changing. When you are in an individual therapy session, you work one-on-one with a professional therapist who is compassionate, understanding, and kind. You might find that being able to really talk about your experiences helps you understand your recovery better. You will begin to discover who you really are, and who you want to be. Individual therapy is confidential, so you will also talk about things that you might be too embarrassed to bring up in a group setting. Your privacy and comfort are paramount at Sana Lake BWC.

Our specially trained therapists will work with you to identify the triggers and underlying causes of addiction. you will collaborate with your therapist in one-on-one sessions to develop a plan for your recovery. What would you like to do differently? What are the real issues? How do you want to address those issues in a healthy way? You will experience huge improvements in your behavioral and emotional health because you get a say in how you want to recover. Our team at Sana Lake BWC works to help you address your unique and specific needs throughout recovery.

Medication Management

Restore your balance and lean into your recovery. Medication management is a tried-and-true treatment option if you are coping with behavioral and mental health issues, such as substance use disorder. you will receive a full spectrum of care in our partial hospitalization treatment program. Medication will assist you with sustaining recovery by creating a “safety net” that protects you from recurrence of use.

At Sana Lake, you will get proper medication management from our competent team of psychiatrists and nursing staff. Medication helps with co-occurring disorders, where other mental health issues trigger substance use. When medication is combined with therapy and our recovery services, you will get healthy under optimal conditions and stay that way. At Sana Lake, you will finally have the resources you need to support your mental health journey.

Learning how other people recover is a vital element of healing as an individual. At Sana Lake BWC, you will build your recovery with group therapy and group counseling sessions with other members and licensed professionals. you will join group sessions guided by specialists so that everyone is heard, respected, and valued. You will learn from other members, offer support, and enrich your own recovery. At Sana Lake, group therapy helps create a community of people who will support and encourage one another through shared experiences.

While family and friends will be supportive, unless they have also undergone addiction treatment, it can be difficult for them to understand what you are going through. No matter what your support system looks like, it will feel lonely at times when going through the recovery process. Group therapy will be beneficial for anyone, whether you have a strong family support system, or are feeling alone in your struggle. In group therapy, everyone knows what you are going through because they have been through it as well. You will let go of shame, fear, and feelings of isolation. We are all in this together.

Addiction is a family disease. When one person is sick, it affects everyone. Also, trauma and other difficult experiences are often shared between generations or within a single home. You might benefit from talking through issues with your family. Our specially trained therapists guide each family therapy session so each family member will be heard. Just as addiction affects a whole family, recovery does too. During family therapy, you will feel safe and supported as you share about family events and personalities. At Sana Lake BWC, you will heal your whole family with sessions that empower family members to solve problems, communicate better, and make recovery a priority.

With the help of a trained, compassionate therapist, family members will get a chance to learn how to support a loved one in recovery. A fresh perspective and new, effective tools will be life-changing for families coping with a person’s withdrawal symptoms or any other mental or behavioral illness.

At Sana Lake BWC, you will get world-class care in our partial hospitalization program. You will also collaborate with our staff to create an aftercare plan for life after treatment. You get to work with our team of highly trained specialists to develop a comprehensive care plan that centers your needs, goals, and vision for recovery. When treatment is complete, you will be prepared to handle life on life’s will be connected to resources and professional referrals that help continue your recovery process long after you have left Sana Lake.

At Sana Lake BWC, you will benefit from a treatment program that is responsive to your needs. Recovery happens at your pace, according to a plan that puts your wellness first. Medical appointments and therapies are flexible, since it is planned around you. Therapy will range from 1-5 hours a day and 3-4 days every week. Most people in our PHP program generally require 4-5 days of therapy sessions per week. Every session has scheduled breaks of 4-8 hours, so you have time to rest, process, and recharge.

In our PHP program, you receive 20 hours of treatment on a weekly basis. During treatment, you will practice new skills during therapy sessions so you will take on life’s challenges with confidence. you will connect to a professional and supportive community that will improve every aspect of your life. After completing the therapeutic session, you will return home, rather than staying on campus. You do not have to check your recovery at the door—you will bring it everywhere. You are supported by our full spectrum of care every step of the way.

PHP is an ideal if you do not want immersive, hospitalized treatment and have completed your initial inpatient treatment. You are welcome to join PHP after your personalized assessment, which happens during the first three days of treatment.

A Helping Hand to Recovery For Life

You do not need to take on the challenge alone. Reach out and talk to a treatment specialist at Sana Lake BWC. Our staff is compassionate, trained, and experienced in substance use disorder recovery. you will receive help and solutions any time you need to ask a question, learn more about your options, or find recovery care. Mental health is an around-the-clock issue, which is why we are available 24/7. You are one call away from Recovery for Life and the balanced, meaningful, healthy life you deserve.


Let Our Supportive Staff Give You Answers.

Whether seeking help for yourself, a loved one, or one of your patients, our dedicated staff is available around the clock to provide you with as much information on our programs as you might need!