Our Team

Certified Professionals

Sana Lake’s interdisciplinary team of certified professionals provides the compassionate help you need to overcome your substance use disorder. We work around the clock to make sure your needs are met to help you move toward a lifetime of wellness. Psychiatrists and clinicians assess the severity of your condition and work to create the best course of action for you. Telemedicine and teletherapy options make your treatment accessible, no matter where you are.

Our nursing staff is trained to manage all medications prescribed while in the facility. EMDR-trained therapists use eye movement techniques to reduce the severity of emotionally charged memories related to trauma. Individual and family therapists focus on you and your family for relationship and community healing.

With our staff of educated, trained, and certified professionals on your team, long-lasting recovery for life is within reach.

Our Treatment Team

Medical Staff – Our medical staff of doctors, psychiatrists, and nurse practitioners ensures that you’re in a safe, comfortable environment for smoother withdrawal management with MAT, general physical wellness, and mental health.

Therapists – In individual and group settings, you and your family will safely walk through struggles with substance use, mental illness, trauma, and family dysfunction with our trained, experienced therapists. You’ll be able to access help from anywhere with accredited tele-therapy providers.

Substance Use Counselors  – Our substance use counselors take the lead in our team of professionals in helping you focus on recurring behavioral issues and road bumps like triggers, emotional regulation, distorted thinking, and preventing recurrence of use in a safe, supportive environment.

Continuing Care Coordinators – As you navigate your recovery, your consistent primary support will be your continuing care coordinator. Your coordinator will be a credentialed clinician such as a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) who coordinates your care team, helps you navigate the recovery-oriented system of care throughout your treatment, advocates for you, connects you to external resources, and monitors your treatment and recovery planning and outcomes throughout, and well beyond your participation in our programming.

Peer Recovery Coaches  – Recognized by the state of Missouri for excellence, your peer recovery coach will be member of your Continuing Care Coordinator’s team throughout your entire participation in your care with Sana Lake and beyond. The peer recovery coach is active in the development of, and support for your treatment and recovery plans throughout the entire continuum of care treatment including continuing care and beyond as you transition into the recovery community. You will plan for lifelong recovery beyond treatment by getting help navigating recovery resources and the recovery community.

Peer Support Specialists – Get back your hope, guidance, and a sense of belonging when you talk with our peer support specialists, who are all certified by the state of Missouri. You will lean on their experience as people in recovery who deeply understand what you’re going through and will help you get through it.

Member Care Specialists – Safety should be the last thing on your mind when you are working on your recovery. Trust our member care specialists, who make sure you are heard, safe, and protected. You will benefit from support, camaraderie, and direction on your recovery journey. Treatment might be tough at times, so these specialists help make your experience a little easier.

Substance Use Counselors  – Our substance use counselors lead our team of professionals to get you started on your recovery journey. They focus on things like triggers, emotional regulation, distorted thinking, and relapse prevention.

Nutritionists – Wellness is an inside job. You will learn to create healthy and delicious meals with our nutrition specialists. In addition, you will prepare for lifelong wellness by practicing how to eat well, plan meals, and shop smart once you return home.

Family Recovery Support – The involvement of your family in their own recovery journey will provide the entire family system the opportunity to heal. Our experience and research indicate the more the family is engaged in their own recovery, the better the outcomes for the entire family. The family is engaged from the beginning and will have their own personalized treatment and recovery plans following a similar path to yours with their own treatment team. Although the path is similar, it is much different than your journey.

Wellness staff – Any care plan that leaves out your mind, body, and spirit is incomplete. You will improve your whole-person health with tools created by our wellness staff. They help you work on your personal health and well-being during and after treatment, so you can get back to enjoying your life.

A New Way of Life

You will find a new way of life with the help of our outstanding treatment team and constantly improving facilities and programs. Through a partnership with Washington University’s School of Social Work, you will get the best, most current care possible. You will work with interns from this world-class program, which also educates the next generation of recovery professionals. 

No matter where you are, we will be there with you. Reach out and talk to a treatment specialist at our Sana Lake Contact Center. You will connect with compassionate, trained staff who are experienced in substance use disorder recovery. If you need to ask a question, learn more about your options, or find recovery care, you will find the answers you are looking for. Mental health is an around-the-clock issue, which is why you will reach us 24/7. You are one call away from Recovery for Life and the balanced, meaningful, healthy life you deserve.


Let Our Supportive Staff Give You Answers.

Whether seeking help for yourself, a loved one, or one of your patients, our dedicated staff is available around the clock to provide you with as much information on our programs as you might need!