Partnering Toward a Healthier Recovery Community

Transforming Lives at Sana Lake BWC

Sana Lake Behavioral Wellness Center was formed in July 2019 to establish comprehensive outcomes-focused addiction, mental health, and behavioral wellness. Our goal is to help transform the lives of those who suffer from substance use disorder and other challenges into capable, integrated members of your community or workplace.

Our recovery-oriented system of care is proven to reduce recidivism rates and help our members sustain recovery for life. Quality, credentialed staff, evidence-based personalized treatment plans, and an integrated, seamless full continuum of care are the cornerstones of our approach to community wellness.

community recovery

From our rapid to immediate triage, through inpatient or outpatient detox and treatment programming, to long-term connection and housing, we create a supportive, compassionate environment in which your employee, client, or patient will thrive in recovery.

We are proud to announce that all Sana Lake Acute Recovery Care and Sana Lake Behavioral Wellness Centers received full accreditation from The Joint Commission in February 2020.

Partnering With You

Whether you’re an employer, clinician, or other professional, our partnership impacts and improves the lives of people who suffer from addiction and mental illness, offering them a new start in successful recovery.

We partner with you to implement practices that provide treatment for those you wish to help in a way that fits within your internal practices for patient care or your HR team.


Let Our Supportive Staff Give You Answers.

Whether seeking help for yourself, a loved one, or one of your patients, our dedicated staff is available around the clock to provide you with as much information on our programs as you might need!