One Step App

Stay Connected Throughout Recovery

As part of your ongoing continuum of care with Sana Lake, we’ve implemented another way for you to stay connected with us throughout your recovery: The One Step recovery app.

Our motivation is always to produce the best outcome for your recovery. This app gives you an entire set of tools that will help you track your recovery progress, giving you higher chances for achieving long-term recovery.

You might be asking how technology and data fit into our personalized, recovery-oriented system of care. Reports based on your own personal recovery data allow us to track how you’re doing in recovery and pinpoint areas in your treatment that need more attention or adjustment. It also enables us to offer a hopeful view of things that are going well and working for you.

With the One Step app, you’ll participate in setting it up with your treatment team according to your personal needs. The app will then send you notifications, chart your progress, display reminders, and allow your team to monitor your recovery as you move along on your journey.


Let Our Supportive Staff Give You Answers.

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