Peer Support

Peer Support Specialists a unique combination of guidance

One of the most noticeable effects of substance use and mental health disorders is isolation and withdrawal from relationships. In our recovery-oriented system of care, focusing on healthy ways of connecting with others is an essential stepping stone. Peer support is central to reconnecting you with the essential relationships in your recovery.

Peer Support Specialists

As people in recovery who deeply understand the path you’re traveling, our Peer Support Specialists are part of your personal support team in treatment. 

All certified by the state of Missouri, our Peer Support Specialists offer the unique combination of professional guidance and personal, first-hand experience. Throughout your treatment and into long-term recovery, you’ll learn from your dedicated Peer Support Specialist about making meaningful connections with others and developing new ways of communicating.

Peer Support Groups

Group therapy with your peers is foundational to our substance use disorder treatment approach. In the group setting, you learn to take safe risks, reach out to others, and be supportive to others. All of these skills go a long way on your recovery journey. Shared “Aha!” moments in your group of peers are powerful, sometimes life-changing, revelations that bring about powerful healing. 

Once you move on from treatment on the road to recovery, we encourage you to continue your journey with the help of outside peer support groups, 12-Step groups, other recovery-based organizations.


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