13 Major Benefits of Staying Clean and Sober

The early stages of recovery can sometimes be a bit shaky. Without the proper early recovery skills, a person may begin to question why they should stay sober. The truth is, there are so many amazing benefits and reasons for staying clean and sober. It can be easy for a person to get trapped in their own head and thoughts, so it’s important to be reminded of what’s important. 

Staying clean and sober is not easy but there are many reasons why it’s worth it in the end. Addiction brings pain, expenses, stress, and other negative problems into a person’s life. That is enough reason to stay clean. But there is much more to the bigger picture when it comes to staying in recovery. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why a person should remain focused on their long-term recovery plan. 

1. Addiction is Costly

While it may not cross the minds of those who use drugs initially, an addiction can end up being costly. The drugs themselves can cost a lot of money and using them frequently can end up costing too much. This also doesn’t include financial struggles and even legal fines that may arise from drug use. Staying clean and sober can save a person a lot of money; money that can be spent on other more productive and healthier things/hobbies.

 2. Lots of Work and Time Went into Getting Treatment

Getting comprehensive treatment for addiction can be a long and grueling process. While it may have its ups and downs, finishing treatment is a big accomplishment with many rewards. A person needs to recognize how much willpower, time, and effort it took to overcome an addiction. This is especially true when learning coping skills for substance use disorder recovery. These early recovery skills and all that treatment time/effort should not be wasted. A person should stick with the journey of staying clean and sober for years to come. 

Clean and Sober

3. A Chance to Be a Role Model for Someone Else

Staying clean and sober is a great accomplishment and it can also be an inspiring one. Relatives, friends, or people you’ve never met can look up to you. A person can set an inspiring example for those still struggling with addiction or any of life’s problems in general. Being a role model can be fulfilling and can help a person’s confidence and overall well being. Staying clean and sober can end up having rippling effects for everyone around a person.

4. Recovery Allows You to Live Your Best Life

Living a sober lifestyle is much healthier and happier than living a life of addiction and substance abuse. Getting rid of addiction is necessary to live your best life. Staying clean and sober allows a person to reach their goals without being confined to a constant urge to use drugs. Creating a productive life with healthy habits and hobbies is much more fulfilling than one of drugs and dependency. 

5. Helps A Person Stay Out of Trouble

Unfortunately, there is a connection between drug addiction and criminal activity. Not to mention, some of the most addictive drugs are considered illegal across the nation. A person is not themselves when under the influence of drugs and they can end up doing things they regret. Many people end up being jailed, fined, or worse. Staying clean and sober eliminates this chance. The coping skills learned in treatment help you stay away from legal, financial, and social trouble. 

6. Helps a Person Avoid Addiction-related Physical/Health Problems

It comes as no surprise that drug addiction can have very negative effects on a person’s body. Disease, fatigue, depression, and other physical issues can be hard to deal with during addiction. Addiction can also change how a person thinks and feels as time goes on. Luckily, once a person’s addiction is taken out of the equation they no longer have to worry about the side effects of drugs or alcohol. This means a healthier and better life overall. 

7. Helps a Person Be Productive in Society

While this reason may seem small, a person’s choice to stay sober can help society in the long-run. Being addicted to drugs can end up hurting society as time goes on. Not only can a person be productive but they can end up contributing in ways they wouldn’t have under drugs. This is why a person needs to use their early recovery skills to stay sober and clean – for the sake of society and their wellbeing. 

8. Allows a Person to Keep Their Job

Staying clean and sober lets a person keep or maintain their job. Unfortunately, those who misuse substances frequently can end up missing work and being terminated for poor performance. Using drugs and turning to old habits can impede a person’s work and performance (in all aspects of their life). When a person is free of addiction they can provide for themselves and their family through employment. Jobs can be productive, fulfilling, and can keep a person productive. 

9. Your Children and Loved Ones Need You

Be Productive in Society

Sometimes those who use drugs have kids or families to take care of. When under the influence a person is unable to provide love, support, and care for their loved ones. Children can also be negatively affected by a person’s drug use – they may pick up the habit themselves or miss parental guidance. 

Staying clean and sober allows a person to be there for their children and loved ones as well. Running into old habits affects not only the person but everyone around them as well. This is why coping skills for substance abuse recovery are taught during the treatment journey. 

10. Avoid Ending up In a Worse Situation

Addiction and substance use disorder cases can end up ending badly for a person. There are many negative and even life-threatening results. 

A person could get severely injured, they may develop a disease or can end up losing their life if the abuse is left untreated. Relapsing in particular can end up causing many negative consequences. This is why staying clean and sober means avoiding those outcomes altogether. Using coping skills for substance addiction can end up saving a person’s life without them even knowing it. 

11. Opens the Door for Hobbies and New Interests

Part of addiction recovery is finding healthy ways to cope with urges and emotions. One of the most common early recovery skills is finding a hobby or interest. Gaining new interests and hobbies can be fulfilling and a great outlet for release. Reading a book, playing the guitar, joining a book club, writing in a journal, drawing, singing, and joining a club are all good options for picking up hobbies. 

12. Life in Recovery is More Peaceful

Addiction and drug use disorder can end up causing many problems for a person’s life and can end up being a painful and chaotic situation. Staying relaxed is one of the great benefits of staying clean and sober. 

It’s extremely difficult to live a peaceful life without being free of substance use disorder. Without removing substance use disorder, there will always be the constant battle to find drugs or alcohol. There will also be the constant need to find ways to afford this lifestyle. 

This is a chaotic existence and a destructive cycle. There is little peace, if at all. By removing addiction, a person has the opportunity for more calm and peace.   

13. More Respected

People will inevitably respect people that aren’t under the influence of drugs or substances. Staying clean and sober means that a person can live their very best life.

Addiction is Costly

Respect also comes in the form of strictly staying on track after treatment. Using the taught coping skills is the respectable thing to do after all that hard work and effort to get clean. Plus, many new doors and journeys can open with a more clear and focused mind. 

Early Recovery Skills to Keep in Mind

For all the amazing reasons there are to staying clean and sober there are skills that are needed to keep it that way. Let’s take a refresher on healthy ways a person can stay sober and clean:

These can help a person stay on track to a better life. Life can be something truly special without substance use disorder complications. If you or a loved one is dealing with an addiction, it may be time to reach out for help. 

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