Why Choose a Men’s Addiction Treatment Program?

We understand that young men and women recover very differently regarding substance misuse, trauma, and mental health disorders, and they must be treated separately. That is why it is crucial to find a qualified men’s addiction treatment program.

A few common issues that impact young males recovering from substance addiction include anger, low self-esteem, failure to launch, and stress management. Young men are also presented with new challenges daily and become more inclined to misuse drugs and alcohol to cope. As a result, they must find a men’s residential treatment center that can address their needs.

Here at Sana Lake Recovery, our men’s addiction treatment program can help you. Our men’s men’s addiction treatment program is surrounded by peers who are also experiencing the same situation as you.

Therefore, we have developed our men’s addiction treatment program to cater to young males’ needs. 

A men’s addiction treatment has many benefits, which include:

  • Achieving sobriety and remaining in recovery
  • Becoming more self-sufficient
  • Coping with stress in a healthy way
  • Dealing with co-occurring disorders like anxiety and depression
  • Embrace a positive outlook
  • Identifying physical and emotional triggers
  • Managing anger better
  • Moving past a traumatic moment

Sana Lake Recovery men’s residential drug and alcohol specializes in treating men with addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. Here, we use various scientifically-backed treatments to help men recover from drug and alcohol addiction.

Our treatment programs include various intensive therapies and program levels that help men discover their addictions’ root. Our program helps men of every age build healthy habits, essential life skills, and overall confidence.

Common Causes of Addiction in Men

Substance use disorder is something many people suffer from during their own life or with loved ones. Substance use is a complicated disease that often varies between men and women. For example, statistics show that men usually start using at a young age, but women are more likely to relapse

Additionally, there may be mental or emotional health aspects that have a role in substance use. Below are some common causes of drug or alcohol addiction in men and associated signs:

Expectations of Masculinity

Most males are taught to be real men at an early age by taking risks and not displaying weakness. These gender-related expectations can motivate men to prove their masculinity through dangerous actions, like using drugs or alcohol.

They usually believe that seeking treatment for co-occurring disorders like drug dependence and mental health illness is weak, so they self-medicate. Some relevant warning signs of men and drug dependence include mood changes like sadness, anger, and lethargy.

Pressure of Life

Life-related anxiety and stress are other common causes of men’s drug dependence. Many men cope with extreme pressure to succeed at work, school, and relationships with family and friends. These factors can lead to self-medicating, especially with drugs and alcohol.

Genetics and Substance Use

A family history of drug dependence is also a significant factor in the likelihood of substance use. Men who have substance addiction in their families also become more prone to suffering from drug dependence eventually. 

Health Conditions

For many men, drug dependence starts with prescriptions given for pain or other issues like anxiety. Improper use of mental health medications and painkillers can lead to dependence. Possible ways include disregarding proper dosage directions, which leads to tolerance and requires higher doses to feel the same effects.

Traumatic Childhood Events

Traumatic childhood events like sexual or emotional abuse can lead to drug dependence. Additionally, when a grown man experiences a traumatic event, they may also use drugs and alcohol to cope with their anxiety or PTSD symptoms. Warning signs include memory issues, extreme fatigue, financial problems, and changes to physical appearance.


Many feel that it’s unmanly to grieve over a loved one’s passing. Instead, they’ll turn to drugs and alcohol to escape from their emotions. Possible warning signs include binge drinking in social situations and suicidal thoughts or behavior.

Addiction Treatment for Young Men

Being a young adult male suffering from addiction carries plenty of difficulties. Young adult men usually need more guidance to identify their long-term goals, figure out relationship and intimacy problems, and deal with traumatic experiences. 

Younger men with drug dependency have different plans than older men who are also suffering from addiction, like going to college or moving out independently.

Here at Sana Lake, our addiction treatment programs can help men in recovery to:

  • Control impulsivity
  • Cope with extreme feelings 
  • Cope with loss or grief
  • Get through trauma
  • Identify toxic family dynamics
  • Improve self-esteem and confidence
  • Manage their time efficiently
  • Soothe their anxiety

Addiction Treatment for Mature Men

Addiction treatment programs for men aged 30 years old and over are vital because they usually have a family and job, requiring more flexibility to tend to those personal matters.

Addiction treatment for mature men programs reduces shame, guilt, or any other negative emotions associated with drug dependence. While healing from drug dependence, they can also obtain valuable insight into themselves and their condition with their peers.

Men’s Addiction Statistics

  • Binge drinking is more common with men than women.
  • Men usually start using substances quicker than women do.
  • Men use drugs and engage in dangerous behavior to fit in more frequently than women do.
  • Men exhibit more significant withdrawal symptoms from alcohol than women do.
  • Men who use heroin are more prone to use more significant doses and for a more extended period than women do.
  • Last year, over 5 million men had abused prescription painkillers.
  • Men encounter a higher rate of comorbid antisocial personality disorder.

Men’s Addiction Treatment Process

The first step of men’s addiction therapy is a medical and psychological assessment by the addiction treatment staff. From the start to the finish of treatment, the guest is routinely monitored by their assigned psychiatrist, therapist, and case manager. Sana Lake Recovery employs many levels of programs, which include:

A man’s transition to the next level of therapy depends solely on his personal needs and progress. Because everyone recovers differently, there is no specific time for completing any level of care.

Therapy Programs for Men’s Addiction Treatment

Treatment programs offered in a men’s addiction treatment programs usually include:

  • Counseling- Individualized counseling is a big part of a successful rehab program. Using counseling in a men’s addiction treatment program is geared towards issues men face, like anger management, domestic violence, and relationship counseling.
  • Behavioral Therapy- Several kinds of behavioral therapy are often used in men’s addiction treatment programs. These therapy forms can include cognitive dialectical behavior therapy, behavioral therapy, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy (EMDR).
  • Alternative Therapy- Additionally to behavioral therapies, many men’s addiction treatment programs offer alternative therapy options like physical exercise and adventure therapy.
  • Life Skills- Helping men promote healthy life skills to develop a positive and fruitful life after treatment. Skills like parenting and job skills classes.
  • Family TherapyFamily therapy can help loved ones better understand their drug dependency and learn how to show support during the process.

Some men’s addiction treatment programs offer dual diagnosis treatment for co-occurring disorders like addiction, anxiety, depression, and PTSD.

Benefits of Men’s Addiction Treatment Programs

Men face unique challenges during the recovery process. As husbands, fathers, caregivers, and professionals, placing them at constant pressure to provide and show up for their loved ones.

As fathers, men are often under a great deal of pressure to provide for their loved ones. An effective treatment program will address the many emotions men deal with during treatment and help them learn to cope with these emotions.

Other benefits of a men’s addiction treatment program include:

  • A distraction-free atmosphere where men can focus on treatment
  • Therapies that address distinct male-related issues like sexuality and masculinity
  • The chance to build enduring relationships with other men sharing the same experience
  • A higher level of comfort than in a gender-mixed treatment program
  • More reliable communication
  • Less judgment, making them more comfortable to discuss difficult issues

Many men feel better about doing rehab at a men’s addiction treatment center. The more comfortable they are treated, the more likely they’ll successfully finish the program.

Choose Sana Lake Recovery Center for Men’s Addiction Treatment

At Sana Lake Behavioral Wellness Center, we understand that each member is different. Everybody is unique and has particular needs. That’s why we offer multiple programs and therapeutic methods. Programs like our treatment process aimed specifically at men in recovery.

Here at Sana Lake Behavioral Wellness Center, we understand that it can be tough to take the next step when emotions run high. Therefore, the help needed becomes not only achievable but necessary, and our addiction treatment staff is ready to help you each step of the way. 

Do not hesitate any longer. Contact us today at Sana Lake Behavioral Wellness Center.