Sober New Year’s Eve: A Guide to Ringing in 2023

sober new years eve

Ringing in the new year can bring about mixed feelings. Some people feel the excitement of new opportunities. Others experience the pain of entering a new year without a loved one who passed in the prior 12 months. Some individuals face this transition with regret about their decisions during the previous year. For others, the new year brings with it hopefulness and joy. 

But, New Year’s Eve comes with special pressures for people in recovery from addiction. For those who are moving past substance abuse, ringing in the new year can be challenging as people gather and celebrate. Typically, alcohol is involved in such festivities. But, for those who are trying to avoid drinking, these events can be triggering. Here are some tips on how to navigate—and celebrate—the holiday. We’re calling it a sober New Year’s Eve. 

New Year’s Eve Isn’t Just for Parties

When it comes to celebrating the New Year, most people usually attend some sort of party or social event. But, while it can be fun to partake in such celebrations, it is important to remember that New Year’s Eve doesn’t have to be specifically a day for partying. You can choose to ring in the new year however you would like to do so. This may vary well involve a large, extravagant party or simply a small celebration at home. However, if you choose to face the beginning of a new set of 12 months is up to you!

New Year’s Eve Party Alternatives

You may want to celebrate the new year without going to a big party where there is bound to be alcohol. This may be in your best interest as you recover from alcohol use disorder. Instead, you might opt to have a smaller, alcohol-free gathering. Or, perhaps you can enjoy a sober New Year’s Eve in a public setting, where there will be no pressure to join in the drinking. You might consider either a small celebration at home or attending a public event.

Sober New Year’s Eve Celebrations at Home

A small gathering in your home might be just what you need to protect yourself from the possibility of relapse. Consider inviting some friends and/or family members over to your home to celebrate the beginning of the new year. Since you are the host, you have control over the events of the evening. You get to establish which beverages to serve and what kind of atmosphere you would like to create.

Sober New Year’s Eve Celebrations in Public

If you choose to attend a less intimate event for New Year’s Eve, you might consider going to a public celebration or gathering. Perhaps your community is hosting a fireworks display. Maybe you can attend a church service or a gathering downtown. Feel free to bring some friends along with you and you will likely not feel the pressure to engage in alcohol use.

Ways to Celebrate Sober New Year’s Eve

achieve sober on New Year’s Eve

In addition to the alternatives mentioned above, you can celebrate a sober New Year’s Eve in some incredibly fun ways that don’t involve drinking. You might think about some of the following ideas for a New Year’s Eve party without alcohol:

  • Dinner party
  • Game night
  • Themed party
  • Movie night
  • Weekend getaway

Choosing to become sober and remain free from alcoholism is not easy. So, it is best to make sure you put yourself in situations where you’re in control of your responses and decisions. These options can provide safe, sober, and enjoyable ways to enter the new year. 

Dinner Party

You can either host or attend a dinner party that doesn’t involve alcohol. Dinner parties are often elegant yet enjoyable ways to gather and commemorate a special occasion. No doubt, ringing in the new year as a sober, addiction-free individual is something worth celebrating!

Game Night

There’s nothing like a good game night with friends! Pull out the board games, the cards, and perhaps even air hockey. Set up the volleyball net or shoot some hoops. A little friendly competition and lots of laughs will fill your home as you await the coming of the new year. The best part? No alcohol is necessary!

Themed Party

You might think about having a themed party for New Year’s Eve. You can have your guests come dressed in costumes that will have everyone smiling all night long! For example, you could plan a meme-themed party, which requires guests to wear an outfit seen in a popular meme. You may also consider having a movie-themed party, in which everyone wears an outfit seen in a particular movie. The possibilities are endless and the enjoyment is inevitable!

Many people struggle to believe that a party or gathering can be fun without alcohol. But, there are many ways you can enjoy an event where no alcohol is present! A themed party provides an opportunity for people to focus on each other instead of the absence of alcohol. Attendees will have so much fun talking about their outfits and commenting on the outfits of others. 

Truthfully, a themed party without alcohol is far from boring! Your friends and family members who attend the gathering will likely be talking about it for years to come. 

Weekend Getaway

Getting away from your familiar surroundings can be extremely healthy and perfect for stressful times. It can be hard to keep moving forward when constantly facing reminders of your past. Spending New Year’s Eve with people who know you used to drink can be difficult. It may be even more challenging when these people used to drink with you. 

So, maybe you can change things up this year! Instead of ringing in the new year at home, consider getting away for the holidays. Perhaps, you can plan a short, inexpensive getaway to make sure you avoid triggers or complications that could arise during this time of the year.

Movie Night

staying sober New Year’s Eve

Movies bring people together. Why not chill on the couch while watching an all-time favorite film with a friend or family member? You and your guest(s) can relax, eat snacks, and have a massive movie marathon as you prepare for the new year to begin!

Be sure to try and find movies that will not trigger you. Avoid films that involve substance abuse, alcohol use, or any other scenes that could cause you to think about drinking. For some people, these triggering scenes might include violence, abuse, traumatic events, and so forth. You may want to keep the movies rather light-hearted as you kick back and enjoy the holiday.

Get Treatment for Alcohol Use Disorder at Sana Lake Behavioral Wellness Center

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Let Us Help You Achieve a Sober New Year’s Eve 

One thing is for certain: addiction constantly robs people of their choice. It takes away a person’s ability to choose health, happiness, and healing. But, thankfully, recovery restores that choice. Today, you can choose to do more than have the occasional party without alcohol. You can choose to have more than just one sober New Year’s Eve night. You can have a sober and addiction-free life.
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Get ready for a new and improved 2023! Happy New year!